CEM Centre


MidYIS 7 and 9 First Feedback

Individual Pupil Progress

Graphs are provided of each student, showing standardised scores relative to the MidYIS average of 100. Standardisation is done each year using only the new MidYIS cohort group.

Scores above 130 are significantly high and scores below 70 are significantly low.

The overall MidYIS score is a weighted combination of the four main developed ability categories listed below.

What to look for: Consistency across all four developed abilities or else significant differences indicated by error bars that do not overlap.


Vocabulary: Each vocabulary item discriminates well between New Zealand students

Maths: The items include basic skills such as add, subtract, interpreting time, etc, plus logical thinking skills

Non-Verbal (Visual): Several small tests contribute to assessing visual processing skills

Skills (Accuracy): Several small tests contribute to assessing speed and accuracy skills